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Pet Passage Ceremony

There is such a tremendous need for spiritual guidance for those who are facing or have faced their pet’s death. Our pets are equally our family and often to some people the only loved one left at home. Emotions and grief must be respected and honored here as well. The relationships with our pets are important and it is life changing when they leave us. Here at Sacred Transitions we have put together some packages that will not only support you with some follow up counselling, but as well Tracy will come to you with her crystal bowls and Gong. Tracy’s soul intention will be specifically praying for and honoring your pet. It does not have to be the day of the passing or even the burying, but we will be there for you no matter what day you would like us to be a part of your beautiful pet’s passage ceremony.

As with tobacco prayer’s done by indigenous tribes globally, the theory is that the prayer rises with the smoke up to the heavens to where creator and our ancestors are. The tobacco prayer then joins all the smoke from all other pipe prayers before it, creating an even a more powerful prayer.
It is similar with the crystal singing bowls and the gong, the prayer and the intention of the person performing the prayer for your pet’s passage ceremony are sent up with the music and the frequency to guide your pet to your creator and your ancestor’s, encouraging a successful trip across the rainbow bridge.

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