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Grief & Trauma Counselling

Through conventional teachings, as well as radical and new age teachings, and her own personal tragedies. Tracy has learned more than her fair share about the grieving process. Her personal life experiences are broad in exposure, deep in intimacy, and long suffering in recovery. She now knows that this is a very unhealthy way to grieve and very ineffective! We all suffer. But many of us spend too long in the darkness and sorrow and don’t allow ourselves the privilege to heal and to learn. It’s important to have the knowledge and tools to recover from the many losses and traumas that life will undoubtedly put in our paths. To love deeply is a great gift, to suffer too long is a betrayal of that love.

We want to help, and have many transitions put in place to honor your grief and encourage your healing and your evolution from your sorrow to your healthy self. Mind, body and soul.

All the workshops we offer include gentle yoga techniques as well as sound healing with the crystal bowls and various gongs, as well of course counselling and many other lovely surprises. There is much information on the site about why we handpicked these tools. There will be group work, and solitude work depending on what you sign up for. Once you have signed up for one of our workshops you automatically are offered any of the counselling you need before or after the workshop for $35.00 an hour for life. You have now joined the friends or family rate because you are now part of our family. These sessions are done on the phone. Please if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to call.

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