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Fun with Yoga and Sound 

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Hearing is believing! Sound is, in ancient religions and cosmologies, the divine creative power, the energy inherent in the creative word. With this very fun workshop I get you into both asanas and restorative yoga poses, then play the Crystal Bowls, Gongs and Shruti box.

The idea is that you set your intention (perhaps what you want to manifest, perhaps a prayer you have been working on, or some problem solving you want to accomplish, maybe you have a speech to write? What ever you need to work on, bring the idea with you. In a very mysterious way the creative powers of the instruments I use and the power of will, work in harmony with the Universe. It’s always fun to mix intention, yoga and sound.

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Beginner’s Yoga

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Every year I witness new yoginis who are brought to the awareness of their assumed limitations. One of my favourite past times is to introduce yoga to those who have never experienced it before. Both young and old, I enjoy being witness to them letting out a sigh of relief the moment they realize they are very capable of accomplishing a flow series, or an extended Asana.

It is always with great pleasure that I have the privilege to enjoy the look in their beautiful eyes when they realize that it didn’t take that long and it was in them all along! We provide a safe, welcoming environment for all. Nothing makes me happier than to share this experience in my community. Self-care is important as we gracefully age, honouring our bodies and all our sacred transitions.

Visit Sooke Yoga and Wellness to view the schedule of our continuing Beginners Yoga Series by Tracy Waters of Sacred Transitions, as well as the many workshops and sound therapy session that become available. 

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Yoga for Grief and Loss

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The crisis of illness, death, or other personal loss can be traumatic. Yet, inside each of these experiences is an invitation toward change and growth. Discover what's universal and unique about loss and how your response to grief affects you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Learn to use the simple yogic prescription of conscious breath and movement to bring healing awareness to your grief journey.

"I found myself face down, with my head between my ankles which were still on the floor. It was completely dark, past midnight, when the heavy sedan I was riding in met an on-coming vehicle on the makeshift hillside road. The driver of our car, who I knew only slightly, edged to the side of the road as a wide-bodied truck bore down on us. The roadbed was not solid enough for the weight of the car, and it began to slide down the hill, and then toppled over into a roll. While my physical body was limping away from the mangled vehicle, my emotional self-remained there, trapped in the wreckage.

This started a long hard suffering road of years of finding healing: first pills and then methods to get off the pills, it also made me confront the loss of my brother and my cousin in a horrific car accident decades prior, as well as my own gang rape just months before my brother’s car accident. It was the catalyst to a 11-year divorce from a ten-year marriage. This found me down in the Amazon Rainforest working with the divine plant Ayahuasca, and sent me on a journey of healing unrealized trauma and grief. The stack of processing procedures that needed to be dealt with took years. I’m a certified grief recovery specialist as well as a grief counselor. As well as filled with life experiences. I have written this work shop with love, and will be offering it a few times a year, because I know we never fully recover and Life can’t be lived without loss." ~Tracy Waters 

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HEALTHY FASCIA with Tracy Waters

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Our fascial system is a single “organ of structure” consisting of a"saran wrap" like substance that envelops every muscle, nerve, artery, bone, and vein of the body as well as our heart, lungs, brain, and spinal cord. It is formed of layers of collagen and elastin to form an intricate web that gives our body shape and acts as a shock absorber. With aging, trauma, or lack of use, the fascia can lose hydration, limiting movement and predisposing us for joint problems, back pain or other chronic pain issues over time.

Join Tracy Waters for this in-depth workshop where you'll learn how to release and hydrate knitted fascia to increase range of motion and flexibility, improve posture, reduce pain, increase circulation and boost energy.

"Having been diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis in my 30’s, a condition which occurs when the long fibrous plantar fascia ligament along the bottom of the foot develops tears in the tissue resulting in pain and inflammation. I was told by the then sports Doctor at the University of Victoria that I would never be able to walk barefoot again (a staggering diagnosis for the bare foot Contessa in me) and that I was now imprisoned in my very comfortable special shoes (yet another staggering diagnosis in my cosmopolitan cutie personality of still being very in love with my high heels). After recovering from my tear-filled breakdown and realising this does not support my life style I continued with his method and did some of my own research. After many months of consistent, very painful reflexology I could in-fact go bare feet and I still to this day wear my heels. 

Then came my forties and after spending the better part of year mostly horizontal recovering from a car accident in 2001, I started to get arthritis in my hips as well as very sore, tight areas from my lack of mobility and internalising my real pain, after losing my athletic self. Instead of the many pills the Dr’s had me on, I found rolfing, again a very painful but effective procedure. Then I stated using yoga and massage therapy to stretch and loosen the fascia in the targeted areas of a laying or sitting body. Once your movement and loosening is restored which we like to accomplish over time and with commitment, then we like to keep your fascia healthy, these maintance workshops well be done fairly and frequently and are a very important part of growing older with Grace." Namaste, Tracy Waters 

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