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The Power of Forgiveness

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It’s not an easy task and don’t let anyone tell you differently, but there are ways to get you there with the right approach and the right coach. We want to help you through this transformative process that will get you to the deep healing you deserve. It’s not that you are aren’t a beautiful forgiving soul, it’s because you have yet to discover the tools. It took me a very long time to learn how to forgive and heal.

Allow us to help you, as it is our biggest purpose in life and our greatest honour. Let us hold a safe space with understanding, compassion and support for you. After this healing retreat, you will walk away lighter and take on life with a grander step, a taller stance, and a heart full of love.

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Grief Release Retreat

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We will start with an opening ceremony and experience a long needed, hard studied program to having you make great leaps and bounds in healing from loss of any kind. Whether your grief is old or new, this gathering is for you.

During this retreat you will make great achievements in understanding your personal grief process, which will encourage great healing for you and your family; as we heal ourselves, we heal our family. Holding a space is our pleasure and we can’t wait to meet you.

Our closing ceremony begins with the release of doves in your honour and is complete with Ron Dewhurst holding a very sacred space for you.

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We made it! We grew up in a society that did not require seat belts, our parents smoked like chimneys and we drank from the garden hose. Some of us married too young and some of us had children even younger! This is your time to shine, to celebrate you, and to learn more about yourself.

This journey is equally as important as puberty was when we were too young and foolish to celebrate it! Let’s celebrate together with WINE, WOMEN, and SONG!

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Maiden Mother Moon

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We believe that in today’s society, we are missing so much of cherishing what is sacred. We celebrate 1st birthdays that are never remembered, 1st steps that are quickly forgotten and 1st tears that are wiped from our memories forever.

We need to re-embrace the sacred ways of holding a space for our children as they enter one of the most important transitions of their life – puberty. The transition to womanhood is the closest energy to the Creator we can experience – the ability to conceive life! We bring together mother and daughter, aunt and niece, big sister and little sister, we will also hold a space for single father and daughter if needed.

This is a bonding retreat for parent/guardian and growing child, where we will celebrate you now and you in the future. This unique opportunity can’t be missed!

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Masking, Soul Retrieval and Transformation

with Carrie Howie Dewhurst and Ron Dewhurst

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After Tracy Waters discovered that healing can sometimes be proactive, she set out to find various ways for that to happen. In several of our workshops the Anahata Center and Sacred Transitions come together in offering a transitional ritual of Mask making.

The mask has been used by spiritual leaders and guides throughout history as ritual and ceremony for seeking communion with the “Great Mystery”. Used in the great Shaman traditions as a means for opening to deeper layers of consciousness in obtaining wisdom, gaining protection, seeking guidance, in celebration and rites of passage, and for healing. It is an ancient symbol of transcendence and transformation. Masks have been created and used by human beings for at least 30,000 years.

Anahata Center facilitators guide via mask painting and sound to identify and integrate disowned aspects of self, to explore spirituality through sacred art, to retrieve your true soul, to assume a different or more empowered self, to process an event or emotions and to find balance. Using all aspects of the art process, brushes and paints are approached as sacred magical and energetic tools, working with our ceremonial masks to create a sacred intentional transformational journey.

Opening the masking ceremony will be a simple meditation to clear and ground to open one’s heart to the creative process. After an introduction and instructions, the participants will begin to use their sacred tools to embark on their soul journey. To close everyone is invited to join in a simple rhythmic shamanic drum journey and closing ceremony, donning their mask, and exploring the trans formative powers of their created mask with trance and visions.

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