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Girl Power Power Washing Company

Mission statement

Girl Power, Power Washing Company

(move over men, we got this!)

Girl Power Power Washing Company is a “GIVE” company, which means our philosophy is to give back to the community. I Tracy Waters was born on Vancouver Island and after many years of travel have resettled back on Vancouver Island and refer to the entire island as my community.

I have started over more times then I can count. It’s hard and scary, and often lonely.  

That’s exactly why I created this company. We women need to stick together and help each other. Because of that: I’m bringing you a company with a feminine touch. I’m opening an avenue to a world long trusted mostly to men. We are precise in our intention of cleaning with green products and no water waste. We are bringing a softer presence to a usually harsh work environment. We are adamite about respecting our clients space, property, time and money. We will do this all while hiring either single mothers, or women just coming back into the workforce after a prolonged absence. Our intention is to instill independence, and some business savvy, while allowing them the ability to earn a living wage while raising their families or getting re- established.

The intention is to Empower woman that need a helping hand getting back on their feet. I personally will do all the interviews with them and after a training period, we hope to get them actively involved with their own business with the tools and community to support them. Making bad choices in life should not be a life sentence. Here at Girl Power, Power Washing Company we keep our eye on the bright new horizon.

We hope you will consider hiring us for all your power washing needs. Our intention is to promote a sustainable business on Vancouver Island, and perhaps other areas of B.C empowering women that need a trusting hand, and an open heart. We want to develop and implement a rock-solid formula for safe sustainable outdoor cleaning for our clients, with flexible hours for single mothers to be as studious at home as they can be on the job, eliminating babysitting cost and daycare expenses. We got this.

We hope you will consider us for all your power washing needs. We serve Victoria - Qualicum, including Sooke and Saanich Peninsula.

For more information please email, call Tracy at 1.250.951.1487, or visit our Facebook Page.

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