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About Tracy Waters

Tracy has learned more than most about the grieving process. Her personal life experiences are broad in exposure, deep in intimacy, and long-suffering in recovery. She now has a deep understanding of the grief process! We all suffer in different ways; however, many of us are suffering unnecessarily for far too long and not allowing ourselves the privilege to heal and to learn.

After a series of traumas and losses, Tracy found herself traveling all over the world looking for her healing, from the well-placed Doctors and specialists in Canada for five years and then 14 years with different plants and medicine men in the Amazon Rain forest of Peru and Colombia. She found herself studying Gongs and sound therapy in the Ashrams of Upstate New York and studying Ashtanga Yoga in The Southern Gulf Islands of Canada.  

Her healing in the rain forest with the Shamans and the medicine plants, although an immense amount of work, was so successful that she opened her own center in Iquitos Peru. Her extensive travels have found her in South America on dozens of different adventures. Her intention was and always has been to heal and to help others find their way to heal.

Yoga was so important in Tracy’s healing that she got certified herself on Salt Spring Island and opened her own Yoga studio on Pender Island. It was time to start the workshops she has been planning and writing for years. It is with great excitement that she chooses to bring them to Vancouver Island, her place of birth.

Tracy still travels extensively down to South America but now her travels take her to Colombia. After many stamps to her passport and the many journeys she has taken she is ready to draw from her life experiences, travels and healings as well as some very qualifying education in grief, and grief management.

It is not always easy to walk this path of life with grace. That is why we are here.

The place is here. The Time is now. The reason is you.